Liz Presley

Liz happens to be one of our original employees at Hollday Flowers And Events, and she acts as our Director of Events Operations and Accounting.

Liz Presley attended Mississippi State University where she obtained a degree in horticulture with a focus on floral management. Liz started at Holliday Flowers & Events to follow her degree and be surrounded by a botanical atmosphere. While working her way through multiple positions and learning key components of what makes our business both exciting and operable; Liz now spends her days handling all billing accounts, floral orders, and operations of our Event Center.

When Liz is not utilizing her years of knowledge and experience to help the event crew and stylist team, she enjoys teaching her son, Michael, about plants and botanicals. Liz introduces Michael to some of her favorite plants and nature's most magical and desired beauties which are flowers.