Woodland Arrangement

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Our arrangements come in all colors and themes.. 

Take a quick peak at this lovely arrangement which oozes with livelihood and the feel of an elven forest!

Global Light


We love our suspended bubbles! 

There are so many ways for the Holliday Events team to utilize these beauties. 

Mixed Metal Bar with Bar Back

Image20181023 1

Do you know about our art department and full workshop? 

The workshop is where most of the magic happens when it comes to creating bars and barbacks.. 

We love our artists and designers!

Cactus Installation

Image20181023 2

We love to build with our hands and machines...



Have you heard? We carry specialty linens, and a portion of those special linens are covered in senquins. 

Make a bold statement for your festive event by covering the tables in sparkles! 

Customize Your Event

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Allow the Holliday Events Team to cultivate the vision of your event by trusting in our team to utilize our creative and effective approach. 

Fall Arrangements

Image20181113 2

The Holliday Flowers and Events team can collaborate with most venues. 

We love how this meaningful scenery with one of our fall arrangements.

Inventory of Vases

Image20181113 4

We have a huge inventory of vases that we use for our clients. 

Feel free to come by the showroom to discover our collections!