Heather Long

Heather began her journey with Holliday Florist at the age of 14. With the Germantown location a short walking distance  from school she has worked herself up the ladder from washing buckets, flower cut-ins, and the design of the Peabody's fountain arrangement at midnight to the transformation into co-director of events.

In 2008, Heather completed her Bachelor of Fine Arts in sculpture from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and shortly made her return to Memphis to reunite with Brent. The combination of Brent and Heather's love of events, art, woodworking, engineering, and sculpture in addition to the everlasting presence of flowers has allowed Holliday Events to truly prosper.

Heather maintains a healthy balance of business and inspiration by being the mother of two beautiful children and an ever growing list of clients on the quest for innovative design!