Spherical Qualities

DSC 0287

We appreciate any and all types of challenges at Holliday Events. 

Our designers and workshop collaborated with a client to create this spherical atmosphere for a boy who loved sports. Did the thought ever cross your mind that you could create a dimensional sculpture out of tennis and soccer balls?

This sculpture allowed the space to breathe with a combination of meshed spheres and sports balls. 

Acrylic Tower

DSC 0273

Ball into your party with style! This outstanding idea was brought to life thanks to our designers and Events team.

We *love* working with acrylic; this abstract tower is unique with our own installation of LED lighting. Don't you just love how the light shines throughout the tower? We do! The light really allows our application of vinyl to truly shine. 

What's That? Beats Me!

DSC 0075

Do you think your vision is unrealistic or impossible?

Bring your abstract ideas to Holliday Events because nothing is unrealistic to us. 

The Events staff loves when our clients think outside the box - the creativity is fantastic! So beat along over to (901) 729-2771 to discuss your unique ideas - even if they include the incorporation of instruments into sculptures.